What is this Game?Edit

Dungeon Action is a multiplayer deathmatch arena game, following the now popular Battle Royale genre in a real time strategy fantasy game setting. It is similar in gameplay to Dota, Pacman, and of course Warcraft 3, which was used to create the game.

The maximum number of 7 human players fight their way through a maze, which is populated by random hostile units and roamed by very dangerous units owned by an 8th player, controlled by a computer AI. Ultimately, those 7 human players try to kill each other to be the last man standing.

Differences from typical RTS Games in Game MechanicsEdit

Unlike Dota or Warcraft 3 Dungeon Action is a more permanent gameplay experience in every way. Units you summon through items or abilities stay with the whole match, or until they die. There are no waves, the dungeon is set and can be cleared during the match. If a player hero dies, there are no rounds the death is permanent.

Dungeon Content Edit

  • Champions (heroes)
  • Creeps (mobs)
  • Ghosts (AI player)
  • Half-Elves (neutral AI player)
  • Shops
  • Bosses

Latest activityEdit

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